Lilihan Rugs

Lilihan Rug

Lilihan Rugs Lilihan rugs are similar to Sarouk rug in colour, style and thickness. According to Leslie Stroh of Rug News, there are about 3000 different designs for Hamadan rugs. This is attributed to 1500 villages in the Hamadan region that each produced two styles of designs. While some geometric patterns can be found amongst Read more about Lilihan Rugs[…]

Kerman Rugs (Kirman Rugs)

Kerman rugs

Kerman Rug KERMAN rugs have been appreciated by western collectors for many years. They are particularly famous for having a single medallion with an arabesque form called ESKI-KERMAN. There are, however, many different designs in KERMAN rugs. Another common famous design is the “Tree of Life.” KERMAN rugs are famous for producing large-size rugs (10 Read more about Kerman Rugs (Kirman Rugs)[…]

Armenian Orphan Rug, symbol of tragic past, is briefly on view

Armenian Rug

Armenian Orphan Rug, symbol of tragic past, is briefly on view WASHINGTON — Beauty born from gratitude and horror, the Armenian Orphan Rug went on long-awaited public display Tuesday at the White House Visitor Center. The storied rug’s nearly weeklong display two blocks from the White House culminates a lobbying campaign led by California lawmakers Read more about Armenian Orphan Rug, symbol of tragic past, is briefly on view[…]

Antique Oriental Rug Kansas

Oriental Rug

Oriental rug Classic Tabriz rugs (Oriental rugs) feature a central medallion with all-over designs of floral motifs, leaves, tendrils and vines, echoing the stylistic characteristics of the Ardabil rugs (Oriental rugs), yet each is a unique work. Herati (mahi) motifs are used as embellishments in medallion runners and rugs, but are also used as a single Read more about Antique Oriental Rug Kansas[…]


Antique Caucasian Rugs

ANTIQUE CAUCASIAN RUGS Caucasian rugs get their name from the area in which they were made – the Caucasus. It is no wonder that the weavings of the 85 subgroups of Caucasian tribal rugs are enjoying rapidly growing popularity among both Oriental rug collectors and lovers of folk art. Caucasian rugs are best known for featuring Read more about ANTIQUE CAUCASIAN RUGS[…]