Hamadan Rug

Hamdan Rug

Hamadan Rug  Hamadan is a city situated in the western part of Iran, 300 kilometres west of Teheran. It is one of the worlds oldest cities and is mentioned under the name of Ekbatana in the Bible, see the book of Esther. The city is a centre for trading with rugs that are manufactured in Read more about Hamadan Rug[…]

Nain Rugs

Nain Rug

Nain Rugs Nain is a town 150km to the east of Isfahan in central Iran; it is relatively new to the rug world compared to ancient weaving centres such as Kashan, Isfahan and Yazd. Although it started out producing Isfahan rugs, in the mid 1930s Nain began developing its own style. Very fine and precise designs were created due Read more about Nain Rugs[…]

Khitan Collections


The Khitan Collections impart elegance with a touch of the exotic. The contrast of tribal-inspired designs and exquisite hand carving plays beautifully agains the lustrous sheen of bamboo viscose. Each design becomes a stunning focal point in any room.  

Hamilton Collection

Hamilton Collection

The Hamilton Collection exemplifies the classic designs that were so treasured during the Golden Age of Persia. With meticulous detail, our skilled artisans have created rugs of captivating elegance and refined beauty. Hand knotted in a blend of New Zealand and other premium wool, each design is truly a masterpiece of heirloom quality to be Read more about Hamilton Collection[…]

Finely Collection

Finley Collection

The Finley Collection combines the lavish look of bamboo viscose with rich and varied shades of hand spun wool to create sumptuous trompel’oiel and distressed designs. Transitional and contemporary in style, the velvety pile of each rug is punctuated by simple, timeless designs Tibetan, hand knotted in palette of soothing, on-trend colors.  

Faulkner Collection

Faulkner Collection

Instantly infuse color and pattern into a space with Feizy’s Faulkner Collection. Each design evokes thoughts of a magical past when the rulers of Persian commissioned the greatest weavers to create some of the most stunning rugs in all the land. These classic patterns, with their luxurious antique finishes , reflect a sophisticated style that perfectly Read more about Faulkner Collection[…]

Dalia Collection

Dalia Collection

Dalia Collection Monochromatic tones of gray accented by subtle pops of blue lend the Dalia Collection a timeless elegance. Hand knotted in India with hand carded, hand spun wool, these designs features intricate, all-over patterns with weathered effects to lend a new spin to traditional motifs, These one-of-a-kind pieces will create settings of sophistication of Read more about Dalia Collection[…]

Ariana’s Persian Kitchen’ World Premiere on Nat Geo People

Ariana Bundy, an award winning Iranian-American chef and cookbook author of ‘Pomegranates & Roses’, visits the vast and fascinating country of Iran to re-discover her heritage. From the lush green mountains of the Caspian sea, to the golden deserts of Yazd, Ariana eats her way through Persian delicacies in Bazaars, pastry shops, restaurants, and people’s Read more about Ariana’s Persian Kitchen’ World Premiere on Nat Geo People[…]