What is Shag Rug?

Is Shag Rug the best choice for your home decoration??

A shag rug is a rug or carpet that has a deep pile, giving it a shaggy appearance. Carpet rakes help remove dirt and restore a uniform appearance. Some of the first “shag rugs” were woven Flokati rugs from Greece, which cleaners often refer to as sheepdogs, because it’s a big shaggy construction that is difficult to wash and brush out smooth, as a sheepdog can be.


If you clean them regularly (before they look dirty!), you can keep Flokatis looking good and staying “fluffy” for years. There is extra time needed to groom and get the rug nice after a wash, so generally cleaners charge more to clean Flokatis versus regular wool woven pile rugs.


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Shag rug